On My “List”

This page is the clearinghouse for all of the “on my list” players, personalities, and other people/things that will follow once the season starts. For now, I have cleared the slate from last season (if only to give Matt Guerrier and the rest of the bullpen a break), and feel that only one player deserves to be on my list to start the year (to be fair, he will probably never leave it). So, without further ado, the list:

  1. Manny Ramirez, LF (LAD) – I have despised Manny since I was a callow youth of 7 or 8, when he was just coming up through the Cleveland system. He has always had serious attitude problems, and his lack of respect for the game/drama queen personality is still not something I can readily accept. Ramirez returns to my list to start off the season.
  2. MLB and FOX. Whose great idea was it to allow Fox to block off four+ games on Saturday afternoons just because they feel like it? This means I will never get to see the Twins play on a Saturday where they are on FOX. Ugh. I seethe.
  3. Keizo Konishi. After Making one of the worst arguments for one of the worst votes ever and single-handedly pooping the bed on Mauer’s should-have-been unanimous MVP vote, he earned his way On My List.

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