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Sunday, Bloody Sunday (NOMY)

So, Friday I got done with work and a meeting and hurried home, excited for a weekend of baseball, specifically for watching the Twins play on MLB Extra Innings, as it was then the free trial time (now I am back to watching on teh computer). Let me tell you what. The weekend was like a long night’s drinking, and I am having a hangover right now.

The first game was the first nice drink. You are just getting out there, so you get yourself a nice glass of scotch after dinner, and it goes down smooth, and leaves you feeling warm and cozy and happy (I’m a fan of a nice speyside glenlivet). But then it is time to go with friends. You’re still feeling good, and really happy, so you order yourself a shot of top-shelf tequila, you know, the kind that goes down smooth and leaves you feeling light-headed for a second or two afterwards? Yeah, the good stuff. And you look at the TV and see that the Twins are making the Sox do their laundry, and think “It’s gonna be a good night!”

However, it was not to be. Your friends take you to a seedy bar in a bad part of town, and proceed to give you cheap, tasteless American beer. You look at the tv and see that the Twins are losing a heartbreaker in the fourth, 0-1! You think, well, darn, that’s depressing. Your friends notice you look sad, and hook you up with a Jaegerbomb or two. Then you look up at the TV and find out the Twins lost the game 8-0.

By now, you’re pretty blitzed, but your friends aren’t done partying. You’re about ready to go crawl into your blankets and sleep off the Twins’ bad performance, but, hey, you aren’t driving. So your friends take you to an even seedier bar and you do vodka shots until you pass out. Then you wake up in the South Side of Chicago getting crushed by a life-size mannekin of Mark Buerhle next to a newspaper saying that the Twins lost, 1-6.

Depressing, isn’t it? I can’t say I’ve ever had much of that happen to me (and if I had, would I really reveal it on a blog where I use my real name 😉 ), but I imagine it is something like what happened over the weekend. Ugh.

New on my list (see the tab at the top of the page for the full listing):

Whoever came up with the bright idea to let FOX block out four or five games on Saturdays, when I clearly won’t be able to see the one that I actually want to see because I am out of the area! UGH!


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