About The Blog

Since I hate this whole anonymous blogger thing, I am going to step out from behind the “Jonas” shield I have been using for more than three years now. My name is Eric Olson and I live, work, and attend law school in Washington, DC and am a Midwest transplant. I brought with me from Minnesota a love for open spaces, Swedish food, and the Minnesota Twins, all things that are extremely scarce out here. The Twins have morphed from a hobby to an obsession, and they have become my primary release from law school’s six to seven hours of homework a night. The one problem: no one out here cares about the Twins, much less about what I think about them, which is a rather gross turn of events.

Therein lies the purpose of this blog: to get my thoughts on the Twins out there in a more complete and polished form than is possible on comments pages (especially at the Strib Blogs, which make me want to vomit sometimes). I welcome disagreement and want a discussion, so get out here and comment.

If you have any questions, tips, suggestions, or complaints, email me at: eric.donald.olson@gmail.com. Follow me at @calltothepen.


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