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    Topper Anton of Curve for a Strike won it! Topper got 18 of 20, putting the field to shame.
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Twins Trivia Contest Answers!

(Note: I’ll be posting several articles that I had partially written since Friday but didn’t have time to finish. Please check back often for the rest! As, always, I’ll be tweeting @calltothepen. Follow me there or subscribe to my posts using the button on the sidebar!)

Last week, I posed some random Twins trivia questions to Twitter. Not many people guessed them. Anyway, I thought it was a lot of fun (for me, not for the people guessing them wrong), so I decided to do the same thing, but with more questions that were more difficult. I think I succeeded in the difficult part. So, without further ado, the questions and answers!

  1. We’ll start off with an easy one. Who was the most recent Twins player to win Rookie of the Year? Answer: Marty Cordova, 1995.
  2. There is only one Twins pitcher in the top ten list of the most single-season losses by a Twins starting pitcher that appears more than once, and he appears four times. Who is that pitcher? Answer: Bert Blyleven, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1988.
  3. Who was the only Twin in the last ten years to strike out more than 140 times in one season? Answer: Carlos Gomez
  4. What is the largest number of sacrifices (bunts or otherwise) made by one Twins player in a single game in Twins history? Answer: 3, Bert Blyleven.
  5. What Twins pitcher finished the most games in a single season in Twins history (including non-save situations)? Answer: Mike Marshall, 84, 1979
  6. How many innings was the longest game in Twins history? Answer: 22 innings (8/31/1993)
  7. Within 10, what is the largest number of double-plays turned by a Twins team in a single season? Answer: 203
  8. How many left-handed hitters were in the first-ever Twins starting lineup – on April 11, 1961 at Yankee Stadium? Answer: One. There was a switch-hitting pitcher that day, but the other pitcher was a lefty, so he would have likely hit righty.
  9. Who is the longest-serving Twins Manager? Answer: Tom Kelly (1986-2001)
  10. In what season did the Twins boast their lowest average game attendance? Answer: 1981 (7,690)
  11. What is the largest winning margin ever boasted by the Twins in a regular-season game? Answer: 21 runs
  12. What pitcher holds the Twins record for the most balks in a single game? Answer: Joe Niekro (4/19/1988)
  13. Name the top two Twins pitchers based on single-season strikeouts. Answers: Johan Santana, Bert Blyleven
  14. What Twins pitcher holds the record for the most consecutive strikeouts? Answer: Jim Merritt (7/21/1966)
  15. Who holds the single-season Twins record for most at-bats? Answer: Kirby.
  16. Easy question to raise the curve a bit – name the three venues that the Twins will have called home at the end of the 2010 season. Answers: Metropolitan Stadium, Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, Target Field
  17. What is the largest number of home runs hit in a single game by a Twins player? Answer: 3
  18. Can you name the last five pitchers to pitch a Twins home opener? Answers: Francisco Liriano (2009), Livan Hernandez (2008), Johan Santana (2007), Brad Radke (2006), Kyle Lohse (2005)
  19. Who are the top two players when measured by most saves in a single season? Answers: Joe Nathan, Eddie Guardado
  20. Finally, one Twins pitcher almost doubled the next highest total number of wild pitches in a Twins career. Who was it? Answer: Jim Kaat


Name the first ever Twins manager, giving both his real first and last name and his nickname. Answers: Harry Arthur “Cookie” Lavagetto

Based on the 13 answers I got, the winner is: TOPPER ANTON of Curve for a Strike! Topper got 18 of the 20 questions correct, and the next best was 8 of 20. For his success, he will receive his name up on the sidebar and a Twins prize of my choosing once I have time to look! Thanks for everyone who participated! Topper, I’ll be in touch…



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