Fantasy Draft Numero Uno

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This year, I was again invited to join a (different) fantasy baseball league with other Twins bloggers. It’s a rotisserie league, and the draft went OK, but not great for me. Here’s a recap draft in order of round (plus the thoughts I put down just after I drafted each, in some cases censored, as this is a family blog 🙂 ):

  1. Tim Lincecum (11th overall): Four years of playing fantasy, and I still feel weird every time I pick a pitcher first. He was the best left at the time (after Thrylos took Kevin Slowey with the seventh overall pick, for some reason). So, overall very happy with this one.
  2. David Wright (14): Wright or Longoria? Longoria or Wright? Wright or Longoria? Longoria or Wright? (Three seconds left on timer) WRIGHT!
  3. Brian Roberts (35): He’s been hurt, but I spent 55 of my 90 seconds looking into whether he’s better. He supposedly is. I hope.
  4. Justin Verlander (38): Man, I feel sorta dirty picking him. Oh well, at least he’s a decent pitcher, even if he does have a temper shorter than Carlos Gomez’s plate discipline.
  5. B.J. Upton (59): What’s not to love here? Seriously?
  6. Shin-Soo Choo (86): Choo was a steal in the 16th round of last year’s draft, but he isn’t a secret anymore. Hopefully he hits for more average than expected.
  7. Michael Cuddyer (83): Crap. I meant to draft Denard Span. Extra value for Cuddyer now that he has 1B cred as well as OF. Oh, well, since we’re not grading defense…
  8. Scott Baker (86): Timmy is my homer pick of the year. Last year, he was my only decent pitcher for the whole season, so I must admit I have a soft spot for him. No injuries!
  9. Jason Kubel (107): The Dude was still abiding in the ninth round, and he is eligible for the OF due to Mountie’s injury. Sounds like a steal to me.
  10. Stephen Drew (110): Great value for a shortstop, if he continues in his development. I’m surprised he slipped this low.
  11. Miguel Montero (131): After spending last season shuffling Napoli and Bengie Molina, I vowed to take a decent catcher early enough that I could keep him all season. Montero really impressed me last season, and I can see him doing even better this year.
  12. Todd Helton (134): Steal of the draft right here. Helton’s old, but he’s still got a heckuva bat and plays in Coors Field. He’s no Pujols, but I’ll still take him.
  13. A.J. Burnett (155): Dislike the pitcher, respect what he can do. Yankee Stadium hopefully won’t hurt him too badly this year.
  14. Alex Rios (158): Stupid computer freezing and autoselecting for me.
  15. J.J. Hardy (179): If he bounces back and becomes the player he was in 2007, this move will look brilliant. If he doesn’t, I look stupid.
  16. Chad Qualls (182): The fact that he pitches for the D’Backs limits his saves opportunities, but he was very good before his injury last year.
  17. Chris Coughlan (203): Because I needed another outfielder.
  18. Brian Matusz (206): This was a surprise. I expected Matusz to go in the fifteenth round or so. Glad he fell to me.
  19. Chase Headley (227): Because I needed another 3B.
  20. A.J. Pierzynski (230): Rag on him if you want, but he’s got a decent average and that’s all I need from a backup.
  21. Matt Capps (251): Mediocre closer, and the fact that he’s in Washington will hurt his numbers, but still, happy to have him.
  22. Carlos Zambrano (254): How the Mighty have fallen. He actually might have gone undrafted. How scary is that?
  23. Conor Jackson (275): I like Jackson a lot. Last year he was devastated by a bout with Valley Fever, but he is better and has been performing well in ST. Could be a great pick if he is anything like he was before the illness.
  24. Barry Zito (278): Nothing special anymore, but he’s solid, and I don’t have to pay him.
  25. Drew Storen (299): He’ll start in the minors, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up about a month in.

That’s that! This is a great group of bloggers in the league, and everyone should go visit their sites, if you don’t already:

Eric Johnson – Undomed

Andrew Kneeland – TwinsTarget

Brian Pietrzak – BP’s Baseball Blog

Emily Jipp – Chatter from the Cheap Seats

Erin Moore – Picked Off at First

Josh Johnson – Josh’s Thoughts

Kirsten Brown – KBro’s Baseball Blog

Louie Schuth – Hitting the Eephus

Shawn Berg – On the Road With…

Thrylos98 – The Tenth Inning Stretch

Topper Anton – Curve for a Strike

Peace, all. More posts coming tonight.


3 Responses

  1. Picked off at first formerly plunking gomez, still is something with plunking gomez. Blogspot maybe?

  2. Thanks! Got it!

  3. I was thinking of doing one of these. I will now (well not NOW, but soon)

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