A quick update and preview of things to come

Hey all, I have been sick with a nasty cold and flooded with law school-related work (hint: I have to finish a note in the next day or I might get kicked off my journal; lovely stuff), so updates have been sparse this week. But I thought I’d pass along a quick note about my plans for going forward:

  • First I need to thank all the new viewers and subscribers that have joined me over the last week. Who would have known an idiotic post about the semi-non-existence of photos of Joe Mauer’s beard would drive more than 2000 unique hits over four days?
  • Also, thanks to Seth Stohs for linking to my list of baseball metaphors. I try to spread around the blog love where I can. It’s great to drive traffic for each other.
  • Alright, going forward: This weekend I plan to have a look at the Twins bullpen, which seems apt, given the title of this blog.
  • I will begin the countdown of the Twins’ 10 most Important Games either Monday or a week from Monday, depending on my workload this weekend.
  • Look for a review of the Maple Street Press Twins Annual in the next week as well. Spoiler: it’s good. Order it.

Tata for now, with plans to meet up again soon!


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