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Top Prospects 10-1

Alright, I’ve been putting this off long enough. At the conclusion of the last blog, I had reduced the number of prospects in contention for the top 32 list from the original number of 73 down to 42. 42 is 10 more than I included in the top 32, obviously. I used approximately the same criteria I used to rank the top 32 in order to reduce the final 10 prospects: consensus among other respected bloggers, stats, ceiling, rankings, etc. Basically, a holistic, semi-arbitrary choice. You’ll have to forgive me for not being able to give much more information than that. A lot of other bloggers have created numerical algorithms to get past that, but I think for a lot of people it does honestly come down to an arbitrary summation of a lot of factors, including some of those intangibles most of us love to hate. So, yeah.

So, now that that’s all out there, why did I limit myself to 32 players? There are many more quality prospects that have a shot to make it to the majors in the Twins system (there are just a few more than 73 that have a legitimate chance, to my count). The first, and most basic reason, is that once it got down to ranking about 35 up until 50, I would have been making much more of a judgment call than I would normally like to in a space like this. The other reason is that, in a post I wrote in January, I limited myself to 32 basically on a whim. Who am I to make myself a liar?

Anyway, here’s the last 10 prospects on the list, below the fold. As always, follow me on twitter @calltothepen.

10. Joe Benson, OF, Ft. Myers

The Real Question: How high of a ceiling do you have to have to put up fewer than 350 PAs in 3 seasons and still be ranked in the Top Ten on many lists, especially when one of those shortened seasons was caused by an angry collision between a fist and a clubhouse wall?

9. B.J. Hermsen, RH-SP, GCL

The Real Questions: Can his ridiculous success in the GCL translate to the hitter-friendly Appy League? How many inappropriate jokes will be made of his name (I’ve gotta ask)?

8. Adrian Salcedo, RH-SP, GCL Twins

The Real Question: Will his pitchability hold up as he rises through the system and faces tougher hitters?

7. Chris Parmelee, 1B/DH, Ft. Myers

The Real Question: Does Parmelee take over for Kubel in about three years, or does he get traded/released before then?

6. Danny Valencia, 3B, Rochester

The Real Question: How much of Valencia’s value comes from the fact that he’s almost ready and that the Twins really have no other real options in the upper minors?

5. Angel Morales, OF, Beloit

The Real Question: Can he, ya know, stop missing so much when he swings at pitches?

4. Kyle Gibson, RHP, DNP

The Real Question: What does it say about the state of the Twins’ minor-league system that only one of the top five prospects is a pitcher, and he was drafted LAST *$%&ING YEAR?

3. Ben Revere, OF, Fort Myers

The Real Question: How many curls will it take before he develops a strong enough arm to be a really strong outfield defender?

2. Wilson Ramos, C, New Britain

The Real Question: Will Ramos end up as the centerpiece of a trade to bring in a real 2B prospect or will he languish as a backup to replace Jose Morales in a few years?

1. Aaron Hicks, OF, Beloit

The Real Question: Judging from the fact that he is ranked #1 everywhere I have seen in the Twins blogosphere, can he also walk on water?


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