Joe Mauer’s Beard – Google Image Search

UPDATE 2: In all seriousness, the picture of Joe’s beard can be found here.

I need to issue an apology to Those Girls – it appears the picture that I hijacked from their site last year of Joe Mauer with a Photoshop-enhanced beard has become quite popular – on my site, not theirs. Witness the below google image search for “Joe Mauer Beard”:

This, of course, has become an issue in the wake of the multiple stories about Joe Mauer showing up at spring training with a Blackburn-esque beard. So. of the top results, we have the (obviously) photoshopped and stolen image of Joe with a beard from my page,  a screencap of Mauer used to apparently advertise a vacation package (the second on the image), Lindsey Lohan, an image where no beard is mentioned but where he is named a “Hump Day Hottie” (I know, it sounds terrifying to me too), Kevin Youkilis, and Joe about to hug someone’s grandmother.

Bang-up Job, Google Images.

(also, for the record, my tweet earlier about stealing the image from Those Girls is now the #6 google search result for “joe mauer beard.” It should be interesting to see what this post gins up.)


Good work, Google)

But thanks for driving traffic!

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UPDATE: This post is now the #1 result on Google for Joe Mauer Beard. Sweet!


12 Responses

  1. You should work in marketing! 😛 Just be careful, stealing things will draw larger penalties once you’re famous.

  2. Hey, I gave full credit… 🙂 Since I have no photoshop skills to speak of (as evidenced in my MSPaint work above), I have to rely on other, more talented people to prop me up.

  3. Does MS Paint have a text box option? I have Paint.NET and I can add text boxes.

  4. thats not what he looks like OMG it better not be! im gonna cry if thats what it looks like now that is so gross i dont want him to have a beard like a homeless person ew.

  5. Good grief Jolene did you READ the story or simply see the word “beard” and start typing. Morons. What can ya do.

  6. That’s Joe’s grandma and his mom on, I believe ,Mother’s Day at the Dome.

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  8. Can you describe the moment when you saw your child for the first time?

  9. […] of what Eric Olson wrote today, the AP Paparazzi did their job, and here is a photo of that elusive […]

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  12. I tried to share the feedback prior to this, but it really hasn’t demonstrated ” up “. I actually imagine ones unsolicited mail separate out may very well be busted?

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