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Top Prospects 21-25

Welcome back! Click on the links to see numbers 26-30 and 31-32 (and HMs). Now I return to my (brief) explanation of how I came by the list I am now posting. Yesterday, I gave the info on the first two cuts I made, starting from the entirety of the Twins minor-league system, down to 73, down to 61. Today, I’ll explain how I got from 61 down to 48.

After having eliminated those players that I considered to be half-decent (or maybe a quarter-decent) prospects, but that still had no shot to crack the top 32, I was down to 61 players, which is still almost double what I was looking for. At that point I looked at two things: where in the draft they were taken (or where they came from, if not the draft) and their pre-draft experience (where applicable), using the handy-dandy tools at Scout.com (in order to get access, you must be member) and Rivals.com (again, where applicable), as well as whatever news stories and video clips I could find. If none of these sources panned out, I just used whatever numbers I could find. There were six players that clearly weren’t thought of nearly as highly as the others, and seven that had no scouting reports and crappy performance. This took me to 48.

At this point, however, was when I realized that I needed to pay a bit more attention to numbers (cough Shooter Hunt cough) since joining pro baseball. That’s my next step. Join me tomorrow for my second-to-last cut.

Remember, yada-yada-yada Twitter @calltothepen.

Follow me past the fold for numbers 21-25…

25. Trevor Plouffe, SS, Rochester

The Real Question: Will his skills ever manage to exceed Those Twins Girls’ love for him?

24. Andrei Lobanov, RH-RP, GCL

The Real Question: Is there any realistic way for Lobanov to make it at the major league level while hefting a fastball with a similar velocity to Livan Hernandez? Do I love hyperbole?

23. Blayne Weller, RH-SP, GCL

The Real Questions: Is there anything not to like about Weller, though he has not been a big story around the blogs? Or have I not been paying attention?

22. Steve Singleton, 2B, New Britain

The Real Question: Will his arm hold up and can he overcome an utter lack of power to become a passable major-league infielder?

21. Ben Tootle, RH-RP, E-Town

The Real Questions: Is Tootle’s change-up good enough to make it in the pros? Will he need it? Will his name remind me of anything other than an English butler?

Thoughts? Comments? Answers to my Real Questions? Please let me know in the comment section! Thanks!


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