The Official Call to the Pen Top Prospect List #32-31 and HMs

Hey all!

As I noted about a month ago, I have been working on the Official Call to the Pen Top 32 Twins Prospect list. Well, I finally finished it. THe deal is that I totally underestimated the amount of time it takes to make a list of top prospects. Also, I like to have my own little gimmick, so rather than simply summarizing the player’s last season or giving a prediction about their future, I decided to come up with what I think is the Real Question(TM) regarding their future growth and future with the Twins. Some of the Real Questions(TM) are snark, some are useless, but I think most of them are helpful when it comes to evaluating the prospects.

Of course, if you think you have the answer to one of my Real Question(TM)s, answer down in the comments. Please find, below the fold, the Honorable Mentions (which are not necessarily numbers 33-35) and numbers 31-32. I will be counting down five at a time once a day until I am done!

As always, you can follow me on Twitter at @calltothepen.

Not-so-HM. Shooter Hunt, RH-SP, Beloit/GCL Twins/DNP

The Real Question: Now that I have stretched my ranking significantly to put him here, have the somewhat-less-than-mighty fallen farther?

HM. Joe Testa, LH-RP, Ft. Myers

The Real Question: Does his name make anyone else think fondly of the band Tesla?

HM. Matt Bashore, LH-SP, E-Town

The Real Question: Will Bashore be able to exceed his comparison to Glen Perkins? Is the comparison is just on stuff, or on demeanor or injuries (gulp)?

32. Alex Burnett, RH-RP, New Britain

The Real Question: Can he raise his K/9 ratio to a level that is acceptable for anyone but Nick Blackburn?

31. Jorge Polanco, SS, DNP

The Real Question: Why am I so high on this kid when I have tempered my expectations on all the other DNPs?

Thoughts? Opinions? Disagreements? Let me know what you think below; your opinions matter to me, especially as this is my first prospect list.


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