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Happy Returns, and I issue an Apology to Chris Jaffe

Well, I’m back, after an extremely busy summer and an insane second-to-last semester in law school. I’m sorry for being absent from this space for so long, but I haven’t really had the ability to keep my posts up. However, I am planning to get myself back in order here over the next few weeks and/or months.

In addition to law school, though, I simply burned out on the Twins. It sucks to say, but I think I got too deeply invested in the team, and for my sanity, health, and ability to sleep, I had to take a step back last August; unfortunately, that step back became a leap and a bound, and only now have I been able to get back to where I was before my little meltdown. In all reality, I have been spurred to get back here by the excellent work of other bloggers, most notably and not limited to (for me personally) Seth Stohs, Jack Steal (who is one of my new favorites, after not discovering his site or podcast until about a month ago), Josh Johnson, Nick Nelson, Travis Aune, and, of course, the other writers of Twinscentric.

So, what does this blog have in store for the future?

Honestly, I don’t know and have no real way to predict what the future has in store for this space. I am right now fine-tuning my top-32 list of Twins Prospects. Why 32? Well, I  didn’t want to do 10, 20, or 50, because there are lots of those lists out there, and it appeals to me to do something a bit different. I am also hoping to put together another top-10 of the Important Games of 2009 (I had an unfinished list for 2008).

However, the first list I am putting together is a list of Twins minor-leaguers whose names are most likely to be butchered by Dick ‘n’ Bert. That will follow tomorrow, or later today.

I’ll finish off today with some links, most of which I have been meaning to post for weeks/months.

I have had some correspondence (and broken promises to post links) with Chris Jaffe of the Hardball Times, author of Evaluating Baseball’s Managers, 1876-2008. So, without further ado, and with my apologies, here are the promised links:

  • Chris put together an excellent list of the greatest games in Twins history last year. I can’t really quibble with any of them, though I might have put them in a different order. However, I think this is mostly due to the fact that I am much more invested in recent Twins history, since I was five the last time the Twins won the World Series. The list is here, and everyone (who hasn’t already, since it was posted in September) needs to take a look. It’s a great trip down memory lane.
  • I am again showing my (relative lack of) age and knowledge of Twins history, as I had never heard of former Twins manager Billy Martin. But he was a truly fascinating character, and everyone should read Chris’ evaluation of his career. The money quote for me:

The ultimate Billyball moment came on May 18 when both Tovar and Carew stole home plate in the same inning—in the same a- bat. Carew stole his way around the bases in that plate appearance. At the plate during this maniacal base running was Harmon Killebrew. Harmon Killebrew! It boggles the mind: With one of the greatest home run hitters of that or any other generation up Martin wanted his men running wild.

  • Finally, Chris recently published his analysis of Tom Kelly (the first Twins manager of whom I was contemporaniously aware of) on Aaron Gleeman’s site. Check it out!

Again, my apologies to Chris for the massive delays. I promise to be better!

Check back tomorrow and often (or even better, sign up for my RSS feed on the right). I’m Back!


One Response

  1. Welcome back. Just in time for the LAST semester. I think you need a law school countdown timer right next to an opening day timer.

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