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Live blog of the All-star game 2009

This is my second All-star game live-blog, and I am hoping it becomes a tradition. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t plan to actually analyze the game per se; the All-Star game is far too strange to do that. But I will give my quick insights.

I wonder how much they had to pay the presidents to appear. I hear Bill Clinton is getting $50,000 per hour these days, while George W. Bush gets paid in Legos. But I kid. It’s cool to see the living presidents appear to recognize the heroes “among us.” Funny, no one I have ever known has ever rescued someone from a burning building or dismantled a time bomb. I guess they must be speaking figuratively.

In all seriousness, this is a very nice salute to the troops and those that step up in their communities. Way to go, everyone.

Ryan Franklin’s beard is one of the most intense things I have ever seen; it’s like a roller coaster, but with less vomit (as far as I know).

It’ll be fun to see Timmy Lincecum pitching tonight. Last season he was in the hospital during the all-star game, which has got to be a ton of fun.

The new Geico commercials are all kinds of annoying,

Sheryl Crow is up for the National Anthem. Hopefully there are less liberties taken than last year… although Josh Groban was fun.

I never realized how large the airelons are on a B-2 stealth bomber. Literally, they are larger than my car. The things HD lets you see.

During the commercial, I must rant about the stupid MVP award. What kind of MVP award is not only voted by the unwashed masses, but is also done in the SIXTH inning?! Last year, Dustin Pedroia had been out of the game for about 8 innings by the time the game ended, so it was entirely nonsensical watching him take the trophy and the truck home.

Cool to see all the cardinal hall of famers, but I really dislike the fact that over the last few games, the home team has used it as their chance to showcase their living legends. What if the Rays host it eventually? I don’t think they even have a Hall-of-Famer. All I’m saying is that this is a national event now. Millions watch it, and unless it is held in New York or Boston, odds are that 1/30 of the people watching are fans of the home team. Just sayin’.

This is a dark time. The President is a White Sox fan. You get the bottled water, I’ll get the duct tape; we can hide in the basement until it is safe for Twins fans again.

Blah blah blah Pujols show blah blah blah.

Mastercard’s priceless commercials are pretty much played out. I remember them using that same commercial format uring the 2001 all-star game.

I don’t honestly know that I have seen Lincecum pitch outside of highlight reels, but he is just filthy.

That said, he’s not pitching very well.

No way that ball off Mauer’s bat was fair, but good play by Molina regardless.

With that bobble by Pujos/Utley, I am reminded of Uggla’s horrible game last year. Didn’t he have likd three errors?

That was not a good inning for Lincecum. Line: 2 hits, 2 runs (1 earned)

Got called away for the bottom half of the first.

Why in the world is Lincecum back? And why is Halliday batting? It’s not like they have 12 pitchers or anything.

But it was a much better inning for Lincecum.

The most pressing concern about this game for me so far is what they do with the horse doody from the clydesdales that keep running around the track.

Obama is talking baseball… good to know he has a decent knowledge of baseball.

Well, that was fast. NL has caught up and taken the lead on about four pitches and one error.

Mauer couldn’t have placed that much more perfectly… the only problem was that Pujols played it more perfectly.

Franklin’s beard is still intense. Perhaps he hides a file in there to scratch the baseballs.

I guess the fact that Franklin was busted for PEDs doesn’t fit their feel-good story.

I am having internet problems, so I am signing off until either the game progresses a bit or my internet starts working better.

Alright, we’re backed.

Enough talking about Haren’s legs. I think we’re all creeped out. This reminds me of the time I was at Oakland’s McAfee Coliseum and there was a vendor yelling “Nuts! Hot, salty nuts!” and I don’t think i was able to breathe for the laughing.

Here is Greinke. Soon we’ll see position players start coming out of the game. Too many reserves to keep the starters in there too much longer.

@yickit: Good call. He probably doesn’t have any chin… just another fist (like Chuck Norris)!

Carl Crawford is fast. That is all.

@yickit: Pretty sure he is just a very sweaty man. Kind of like Prince Fielder last night, although Crawford doesn’t have any random children to dry him with Gatorade(r) sponsored towels.

Oh, good. Fun facts about Derek Jeter. Be still my beating *yawn*.

Hanley really didn’t need to even try to turn that. It was more likely he would have thrown it away rather than actually get Jeter.

Hmmm… Mauer will get on here. Trust me.

@yickit I thought it went the other way. You know, like the saying, ” a rolling stone gathers no moss?” Except Keith Richards. He has something funny growing on him.

For the record, I called that. I’m assuming that Mauer is done for the night after the next half-inning, so he can be proud of tying the game up. Congrats, Joe. Although the other time you got on base was on a fielder’s choice, don’t worry about that. It was a bad call.

Commercial break: Bud Light Lime is really not so good. It’s salty, nasty citrusy beer. The only worse thing is, well, Bud Light with Clamato. Vomit.

Zimmerman flies out; there goes Washington’s finest. And, let’s be honest, Washington’s only.

Baseball paradise is apparently in the Dominican. I think that if I want to get that sweaty in that much humidity, I’ll go outside, thanks.

Trevor Hoffman? Really? I think I have some dirt that’s younger than him.

Wow, Young was safe. Tie goes to the runner, at least in the Little League rules I roll with.

I have a new least favorite commercial. The Taco Bell one with the “all about the Roosevelt’s” refreain. It might be the stupidest commercial I have ever seen… and that ‘s saying something, as I’m from ND, where most local commercials are REALLY bad.

Yeah, Mauer is out now. I’ll be back in a bit.

An ignominous start for Morneau. Oh well. He’ll never measure up to Teixeira! /snark

Oh, good. My least favorite pitcher in all of baseball. And it takes a Bee-ee-ay-you-tiful catch by Crawford to keep his first pitch in the ballpark. Not a good omen.

Good Gracious. Tejada hits it almost as far to right field.

Does anyone else find it incongruous that Papelbon isn’t wearing red socks? Just sayin.

Jayson Werth spells both of his names wrong.

It’s kind of a dick move to intentionally walk VMart in what is going to be his only at-bat in this game. It’s a crappy move by Charlie Manuel, and continues to cement my dislike of him.

Can we stop kowtowing to Mariano Rivera? He is good. But he has the most post-season saves because he happened to be on the team that bought their way to the post season the most often. But he’s good, anyway. Given a choice between Nathan or Rivera in the ninth, I’d take Nathan, even if I wasn’t a Twins fan.

Doesn’t look like Wakefield will pitch. I heard VMart’s sigh of relief from DC.

Okay, that was one of Twitch Nathan’s more nerve-wracking innings, but he pulled off a strikeout of the big man, Ryan Howard.

Morneau hits one to deep Left-center that Werth just barely runs down.

Fox has a bunch of weird camera angles. I have been trying to figure out that from the beginning of the game. Their cameras are just a bit off of where they would make sense.


6 Responses

  1. Franklin probably is hiding a hand held sander up there. Or maybe he doesn’t have a chin.

  2. Is it raining or is Crawford just that wet?

  3. Maybe Crawford is so fast the dew/water vapor in the air collects on his body as he reaches the speed of light.

  4. You called it. Way to go Joe.

  5. Maybe Obama should have thrown up his hand in support of our troops that was at the all star game. My nephew was there because he was asked to unfold the flag on the field. He is a soldier in the US Army. As President Obama walked past them (and BTW He and his company has just returned from an 18 month tour of duty in Iraq) Obama did not even acknowledge that they were there. What a slap in the face from your Boss! He is a JOKE as commander-n-chief. Maybe no one explained to the 2 year senator that this was in the job discription. Its a crime and a shame and I can only imagine what was going through the minds of the soldiers as they were standing there anticipating his entrance and then to be completely ignored by him!!! It’s just wrong.

  6. Hey man, calm down. This isn’t a political blog. I have my own political leanings, but I don’t express them here. If you are looking for somewhere to vent about a politician, do it elsewhere, please.

    Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed the game despite your obvious anger at the pre-show.


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