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I’m Back…

Well, I have just returned from a two-week vacation to the midwest, in which my wife, myself, and my dog drove to the midwest from DC for my aunt’s wedding. It was a lovely ceremony, but since I am a nice guy, I will pass along some advice: if you ever have the chance to drive more than 4,000 miles in two weeks with a traveling companion that doesn’t like to travel and a nervous little dog… just don’t. Planes exist so we don’t have to drive that far. However, it was still a great break from work. A negative of that trip: the Twins were on the road every time I came close to the Twin Cities. If that isn’t proof the world is conspiring against me, I don’t know what is.

Anyway, I’m back.

I wanted to pass along a cool tidbit from this morning’s Express (the Washington Post’s free commuter paper). They announced their first half awards, and gave the AL MVP to Justin Morneau by virtue of his RBIs, home runs, and Slugging percentage. Joe Mauer came in second, citing his near-.400 season so far. Know who they placed third?

That’s right. Torii Hunter. So, the Twins (and recently ex-Twins) had a great performance in the MVP votes, though they were not unanimous (mostly because Joe and Justin stole votes from each other). Unfortunately, the Twins didn’t place in Cy Young (Gee, why not?), Rookie (Unsurprising), or Manager of the year (this could have been closer,  but in the end Gardy doesn’t deserve it either). See the article here: http://www.expressnightout.com/printedition/reader.php?date=2009-07-10 (page 19).

We’ll see what happens the second half!

I’ll try to be up later with a series preview for the ChiSox series… It is hard to understate the importance of this series. The Twins need to take at least two of three… but a sweep would be great too!


2 Responses

  1. Welcome back to town. Hopefully the Palehose series goes better than the last series which I will not name.

  2. Hopefully the Palehose series goes better than the last series which I will not name.

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