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The One Where I Welcome Myself Back…



So, when I decided to go to law school, I knew that it would be a ton of work. However, it has been far more than expected over the last few months, especially. It has been quite a while since I last posted, which has resulted in one of the dumber one-word posts I have written staying on the front page for far to long. So, I wanted to give you an example of what just over a week of law school finals at Georgetown looks like. From my actual schedule:

Friday, May 1: Get up 6:30am, at school by 8:30 am, study Corporations until 5pm, go home, eat dinner, study corporations until 2am, go to bed.

Saturday, May 2: Get up 8am, study corporations until 11, shower and get ready and at school at noon, study corporations until 5, go home, eat dinner, study corporations until 4am, go to bed.

Sunday, May 3: Get up 7:30 am, study corporations until 10:30, get ready and go to school by 11:30, study group for corporations until 5, home, eat, study until 5am, go to bed.

Monday, May 4: Get up 6:15am, at school by 8am, study until 9, take eight-hour take-home Corporations exam, go home, eat dinner, watch baseball, go to bed.

Tuesday, May 5: Get up 9am, study Evidence at home until 1:30pm, eat lunch, go to school and study until 5:30, go home, eat dinner, study Evidence while watching baseball until 1am, go to bed.

Wed., May 6: Get up 6:30 am, at school 8am, study Evidence until noon, eat lunch, study group for evidence until 5pm, home, eat dinner, study Evidence until morning (read: all-nighter).

Thursday, May 7: Don’t have to get up, since never went to bed, at school by 7:30 am, drink 5-hour energy drink, study Evidence until 9am, Take evidence test until noon, run out of time in middle of sentence, curse quietly. Eat lunch, go to library to start studying Civil Rights, go home for dinner at 6pm. Get Olive Garden (seafood alfredo for me, Chicken parmagiana for the wife) to go because too tired to cook. Study Civil Rights until midnight, go to bed.

Friday, May 8: Wake up with a cold. Get ready and at law school at 9am. Study Civil Rights until 5pm. go home, eat, study Civil Rights until morning (read: all-nighter #2).

Saturday, May 9: Don’t have to wake up. COntinue to study for Civil Rights until 10am, when drive in to school. Study for civil rights until 2:30. Take civil rights test unti 5. Cry a little bit. Go home and drink tequila. get more Olive Garden take-out, Tour of Italy this time for me, broccoli chicken for my wife. Go to bed at 9pm, after drinking even more alcohol.

Sunday, May 10: Woke up wondering how the Twins had done over the last week. Watched the game. That was a mistake.

Well, that’s where I’ve been for the last few weeks; that’s fairly representative. I hope to have a State of the ‘Pen post up in the next couple days as well as my personal reaction to the Manny situation (read: gloating).

Yickit, wherever you are, congrats on being done! I have do do this (insert word inappropriate for family blog here) again two more times


2 Responses

  1. Ouch. 2 left still? I feel your pain. If it helps, I got roped into working construction for the next couple of days in Springfield, VA because of a family commitment. So it looks like no celebrating for either of us quite yet.

    I can’t wait until exams of this sort are over forever. Just a little over a year left. Hopefully I can keep my sanity.

  2. I feel for you, but I really don’t know what you’re going through. I suspect I will, though… ugh.

    Thanks for reminding me of life outside of baseball.

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