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Game Wrap: Game 5

Well, this game was much better for my blood pressure than the last few have been. A few highlights:

  • Tonight was the night of the knuckleballers. Tim Wakefield is pitching in LA as I speak, and he appears anything but sharp tonight. On the contrary, I was very pleased with RA Dickey’s start. He wasn’t perfect, and he threw too many pitches to make it to Quality Start territory. However, he kept the White Sox off-balance all night, and his bad pitches came on fastballs, to speak generally.
  • Denard Span continues to be the best random fantasy pick I made in the draft a few weeks ago. Since that time, he is second only to Hanley and Longoria (for players) on my team, and that is because he doesn’t hit for nearly as much power. He has shown his overall plate approach last year was not a fluke.
  • That magical seven-run inning was much less due to the amazing ability of our hitters than it was to the amazing ineptitude of their pitchers. They certainly didn’t leave the Twins with much work to do. 3 walks, six hits (one a home run), and a Twins victory.
  • On the Twins hitting side of things, Morneau and Crede hit solo home runs. Crede’s was ironic, because it wasn’t long after he received a standing ovation from the Chicago fans.
  • The most heartening thing about the Twins’ hitters tonight was that they showed a ton of patience and presence at the plate (well, except for Delmon Young).
  • I am doing my best not to fall back into the pattern I hit last year, where I would pick on the relievers and the hitters (mostly Young) every day. Neither of those groups deserve it, and we should be supporting them, at least until they truly prove they don’t deserve it.
  • Duensing looked good, as did Humber. However, I am thinking Duensing will be the pitcher to go down when Baker gets back.
  • Speaking of Baker, he pitched seven solid 1-run innings for Class A Fort Myers tonight. Hopefully he will be back for his next start, though I wouldn’t mind seeing Dickey pitch in the Dome.

Tomorrow Night, Liriano goes up against Bartolo Colon. Ha!


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