Quick Notes

First, I wanted to share something I discovered recently. I hope everyone knows what “Gameday” is on MLB.COM. Well, right now it is going through beta-testing for the 2009 season, and I came across how to access it. Take the following link:


… and substitute the following:
## = the month (03, right now)
** = the day (two-digit)
^^^ = the visiting team’s MLB abbreviation (look to the front page scoreboard for the abbreviation, some aren’t what you’d expect)
&&& = the home team’s MLB abbbreviation

It is a little dodgy right now, but it works alright. The one problem is that it doesn’t get pitch counts right for individual batters; it just shows three strikes for a K, four balls for a BB and one pitch for a Ball put in play. But better than nothing. (Hat Tip to user CCTwinsFan over on Twinkie Town)

Second, I have recently started up a new online project. It is a book review site, and I hope to add other reviewers to it as time goes by. It is located here: http://letbooksreadyou.wordpress.com. There is only one review up at the moment, but I hope to get two more up in the next 24 hours.

Check it out!

Thanks for humoring my occasional silence, all.



One Response

  1. Cool! There is an other quick way to do it too: The box score URLs (that are usually up) are the same as the gameday from gid=”……………..” so someone can access the box score and copy and paste the gid on a gameday URL

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