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On the MLB Network

So, did anyone else watch the 30 clubs in 30 days special on the Twins on MLB Network the other night? I did, and if you missed it, it is available in full format on the web here. I almost recommend it. However, as is always the case with the Twins, the analysts really had no idea about, well, anything to do with the Twins, or their farm club, or even their major league roster. Their on-location journalist (“Trenni”) was possibly the worst interviewer I have ever seen; and let me tell you, that means a lot, coming from DC, where possibly the worst major network anchors in the country hang their shingles. Possibly the worst thing about this whole thing was that the interviewers were shocked – SHOCKED! – that the Twins are able to compete… ever. And in a sense, I agree. But still, this kind of shoddy pains me:

Studio anchor: “Do you know what the status of Joe Mauer is?”

Trenni: “The status of Joe Mauer is that he is hopeful.”

Some of the dialogue made me want to stuff railroad spikes through my eardrums to stop the crazy. Who looks at Jason Kubel’s name and thinks, “you know, that looks like it’s pronounced k’BELL.” Overall, it was a fun way to get reintroduced to the Twins, as they have been away from me for a while now. Interviews with Morneau, Cuddy, Span, Mauer, and Bill Smith all helped teh cause, if you have a quick enough finger on the mute button to hide the reporter’s question. In addition, the analysts sitting at the BIG TABLE O’KNOWLEDGE made it clear that they knew less about the Twins than most casual DIAMONDBACKS fans know about the twins.

But then again, MLB Network brought me tonight’s baseball game, which I would have other wise had to watch on my laptop. This makes up for Trenni. But not for k’BELL. But we’ll work something out.


One Response

  1. G’day!
    As an Australia-based Twins fan, I found your blog on google and read a few of your other Twins posts.
    I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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