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Game on! (Or, using the 2009 Prospect Handbook)

Alright, tonight was the first game of the new year. Unfortunately, there is really nothing to draw from the game, other than that everyone is still pretty rusty. And that having baseball actually happening again was pretty sweet…

…and not only because I won a pitcher of beer of a Red Sox fan.

The first few innings were pretty fun to watch. Perkins was shaky a bit, but who can expect much else in the first outing back (after all, he could have been Tim Wakefield). Crain looks good. I read somewhere that his fastball touched 94, was was thrown consistently at 93. Much improved. His stuff looked pretty nasty. Can’t wait to see more of him. Nathan was a bit shaky, but it looked to me like the hitters were just hitting; it wasn’t really something he was doing wrong. Ayala was pretty impressive too; I want him and Mijares to have a fight to the almost-death for the last bullpen spot (assuming 11 pitchers), just because it would be interesting. Wait, what? Too much? Okay, i wish them a vigorous competition for that spot.

I would be remiss if I didn’t say something about Boof here. I’ll miss the guy this year. I was never sold on him becoming the setup guy of the future, but I had felt he would be a decent middle-reliever once he got it through his head he wasn’t a starter anymore. Boof, we at the “Pen wish you a speedy recovery; see you on the flip side. P.S. if you want to visit a wretched hive of scuzz, check out the comments on LEN3’s post about Boof’s injury. Idiots. To think I used to read and participate in those “discussions.”

Anyway, from the fourth or fifth inning on, I recognized few people on the field. So, I whipped out my handy dandy Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook 2009, which is written by Seth Stohs of Sethspeaks.net and is available here, and found out who they were. Well, except for the pitchers. They were mostly non-roster invites that weren’t from the farm system. But the players… Very handy. Seth, good on ya, my man.


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