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New for the New Year: The WGOM Wellness Challenge

Hey all,

As I beckoned in the new year, I came to a sad, sad realization: I needed to lose some weight. Some serious weight. Now, I thought I was doing okay; I walk a couple miles each day to and from metro stations on my way to and from law school. I live on the third floor, so I do a few steps. Turns out, it’s not enough.

So I bought a scale. Ouch.

A little perspective: A couple years ago I was in undergrad on the frozen hill in St. Peter, MN. I was (and am) about 6’3″. At that time, which, coincidentally, was the last time I had any kind of a regular fitness program, I weighed around 185 lbs. A bit thin, but I was all muscle. I have always had a very thin build. Then, thesis-writing happened, and I gained about 20 pounds in 6 months. Over the summer of ’07, I had an outside job doing landscape construction (probably the toughest job I’ve had), and I lost about 17 pounds of that in about 2.5 months. This brought me to my wedding, and I weighed about 190 at the time. Then law school happened. By the summer of ’08, I weighed 217 or so, which was buoyed by a herniated disc in my lower back that kept me from exercising from January to August. I figured that that would be the high point, since I would be able to exercise again.

I was very wrong.

When I bought the scale, I weighed 229 pounds. See, I hadn’t worked out any more, I hadn’t been eating healthier, hell, I hadn’t even been thinking healthier. My New Years resolution was to lose 20 pounds by the end of August, and thirty pounds by the end of the year. Since the New Years, however, I have managed to gain 5-6 pounds. Not a great feeling at all.

So, today I was reading the articles that popped up on Google reader, and I noticed one on the WGOM called “WGOM Wellness Challenge 2009“. Organizer Greekhouse set up a group challenge to improve your wellness this year. I was a bit dubious at first (didn’t want to be the first one to join, especially since I had been a full-time lurker at the WGOM w/o ever posting), but as more people joined, I took the plunge.

So, I guess what I am saying is, I encourage anyone to join the group over there. I will be posting my status on this blog once a week (or more often if I get the urge) and trying to figure out how to set up a widget for the sidebar. I, and a lot of others in the group, have joined a wellness networking (?) site called http://www.gyminee.com. My username is lukumi, after one of my favorite Supreme Court cases (Church of Lukumi Babalu Aye v. City of Hialeah, which is a case about the constitutionality of the prohibition of ritual animal sacrifice). So far it looks pretty good, except I can’t figure out how to enter the exercise I did last night (1 20-minute run/walk, since I am too out of shape to run for 20 min. sigh.) (if you know how to enter it, help me!).

If you are in the same boat as me, let me know. Or join the group. They are a solid group of guys, and I am happy to be joining them.


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