On my mark… get set… everyone GO! …get a copy of Seth’s prospect handbook!

Alright, everyone. See, I’m not dead. Just close. I have decided to break my blogging silence in order to hype Seth Stoh’s new book. I don’t think too many people read this site that don’t also read the other excellent Twins blogs that have already hyped this book, but now it’s my turn.

This could be on your coffee table. If it isn't, no one will think you are cool.

See that illustration? That is representative of what your coffee table could look like after November 20th (that is, if you imagined a coffee table underneath it). Man, don’t you just feel like a better person having imagined that?

Anyway, Seth Stohs, who has one of the largest online Twins network (see my last post here for an explanation of how that is possible). In addition to all his other levels of overachievement (and I’m speaking from jealousy here), Seth wrote a book. Really. A book.

The book has profiles of 175 of the Twins’ top prospects, in addition to multiple top prospect lists by other, more prolific Twins bloggers than myself, Seth has coaxed an introduction out of Pat Neshek, who is arguably the coolest pitcher I have ever seen, both in mechanics and his devotion to his fans. This 77-page book is not only a great value (let’s face it, I could buy 15 of them for the price of one of my law school textbooks, and I’d get more out of reading all 15 than reading the textbook), if you preorder by November 20, there is even special pricing.

So, if you’re still reading this (which is not ideal, since there have been two links to the ordering page so far; I see no reason you should be here and not there), go order a copy. Seriously. Here’s another link. Want another? Here you go!

If you have any questions about the book, you can email me here, but that would be pretty useless, as you can email the author himself at Sethspeaksnet@hotmail.com.

Lets do something fun, that I haven’t done for a while: a poll.

P.S. I hope to have more posts up in the near future, but don’t hold your breath; you might pass out.


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  1. […] Handbook, I expected much the same thing from last year. Not that that’s a bad thing – last year’s handbook was probably the most read book in my library until the new one came out. It was indispensable when […]

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