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Seth Stohs makes me look like a huge slacker.

First, I need to once again apologize for my inactivity here. I won’t make any promises about when I will post, since there are many other Twins blogs that cover the day-to-day goings-on, including trade speculation and the like.

However, there is one person, in particular, that makes me look really bad by comparison. That person is Seth Stohs, who (I hope) everyone is familiar with on www.SethSpeaks.net. Seth has not only been blogging everything that has happened with the Twins and most other teams over the last few weeks since the end of the season, but he has also been running the SethSpeaks.net Expert Picks Panel, which is revealing how little I (apparently) know about football, though I am finally well above 50%. He has also done a Podcast every week, and is doing a community-based prospect list over at TwinkieTown. Seth was the reason I got into blogging the Twins, and it is important to award credit where credit is due. However, Seth, if you read this, I must insist no more Tuesday nights; as I have an evening class, which makes it difficult for me to tune in!

The most recent podcast, which is available here, is really something special. I have to say that my favorite player on the Twins over the last couple years has been Pat Neshek, and I have been closely following his rehab. Hearing Pat talk about his rehab on the podcast was great; he was planning to have started throwing off the mound by now, which is, for some reason, a big deal for recovering players. Pat’s arm is apparently in very good shape; I was definitely impressed to hear that he was throwing from as far as 150 feet right now; that’s a pretty important step, as I was always told growing up that if you can throw 150 accurately and safely, you can sustain pitches off the mound. I am a big fan of Ben Revere and Shooter Hunt, who were the players Pat told us to keep eyes on. It was great to hear his insights on the meetings and a ton of other things.

The rest of the interviews were also good, and I am excited for the next podcast, which I plan to chill in the chat room for.

Anyway, I have to say, Seth, quit making me look bad, what with all your work and whatnot. However, as long as you are, keep up the great work.



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