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Squirrel Alert!

Okay, I have to briefly write about the funniest baseball moment that I witnessed this week. Because I live in DC and we randomly get WGN-Chicago, I get about half the White Sox games. So I was watching the series finale on Wednesday (at Cleveland), and although Vasquez was good, he wasn’t the star of the game. Neither was Swisher, Dye, Griffey, Konerko, or any other of the bats. It wasn’t even Alexei Ramirez.

It was clearly the squirrel that interrupted the game for about five minutes.

First of all, I won’t rule out the possibility that the squirrel was drunk. The squirrel would run a couple feet at a time and then lie flat, twitching its tail, as if it were saying, “HAH, you idiots! Now you can’t see me!” The squirrel started in left field on the warning track and it snuck up on Shin-Soo Choo and ended up running within a couple feet of him. The squirrel then proceeded to charge the mound and force the umpires to stop the game. The best part of this: The crowd loved it all. They boo’d the groudscrew when they came to try to corral him, and cheered when he initially escaped from them. The squirrel then charged the third base umpire and finally allowed itself to be herded through a door in the outfield fence. It spent the rest of the game cowering under a lawn mower before being taken to a safe place by the Rescue Rangers or the Animal Cops or something. One of the best parts of the incident: Hawk and DJ kept talking about how squirrels are ferocious and squirrels had chased them on the golf course.

No one knows where the squirrel came from, but odds are that some idiotic kid brought him into the stands.


4 Responses

  1. Eric,

    I will be in section 46 on Sunday the 14th in Baltimore. If you are going we’ll see ya there.

    Shawn in Binghamton

  2. Hey Shawn –

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I’ll be at Sat. night’s game in the second level behind home plate, and maybe at Sunday’s game in the outfield. I hope to see you at one or the other!

  3. I’ll be in my Goemz road jersey.

    Its a great park, great beer and food.

  4. […] of my favorite games of all time is the one where a squirrel stopped play for a full fifteen minutes or so while the Cleveland grounds crew chased […]

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