A Good, Old-Fashioned Blow-out

Is it so wrong of me to be glad that tonight ended in a blow-out? The past two weeks have been two of the most frustrating weeks of Twins fandom that I have had (at least in recent memory). When the Twins won, they generally won by a lot. However, when they lost, it was always close. You could kid yourself that they would come back and win it, but in reality, it was over once it became a close game.

Tonight’s loss was a breath of fresh air because it wasn’t stressful. It wasn’t harder to watch than any other loss. It is always hard to see a decent offense get shut down by a pitcher with mediocre career stats, but, well, it happens and I can take it. In fact, it wasn’t terribly hard to see Korecky and Humber get beat up a bit, because they are September Call-ups, and it means nothing. Remember how bad Blackburn was after his call-up last year?

Anyway, the moral of this game is to be careful what you wish for. I wished for some Korecky and Humber yesterday, and, well, you see how it worked out.

At least the Redskins lost.

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