Really? Again?

Hey all ~

I refuse to write a post about last night’s game of any substance. Let’s leave it at this:

Blackburn earned his way off my list.

Tolbert made me realize why I missed him… and why I didn’t.

Whoever’s idea it was to PH Young for Gomez is an idiot. And a genius.

The bullpen was, well, the Minnesota Bullpen.

Joe Nathan did great… and acted like Todd Jones (I defy you to disagree).

So, when do we get to see Korecky and Humber?

Who else was at least partially in favor of leaving Nathan out there until his arm fell off after he gave up the tying run? I wasn’t, but I imagine some were that angry.

Pridie did not impress me tonight. Which means that I haven’t ever been impressed with him. Huh.

Whoever decided that Gomez should be the one righty in the lineup vs. AJ Burnett because Gomez could succeed is, well, an idiot.

On a side note, check out Seth’s “Expert Picks” panel, which should be up in the morning or something. Good times.


2 Responses

  1. This team is in trouble.

    That’s all I will say.

    As for Nathan, he is the reason why the Twins lost not Eddie. This is a closer who right now stinks. This is a closer who just does not look confident right now.

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