First Half In Review – Awards are… Awarded!

Okay. I was going to make a thorough and systematic review of the entire first half of the season. However, there are smarter and more stat-wise Twins bloggers out there that have done so. See These Blogs For More Information.

So, instead of trying to make a thorough review of the team itself, I’d rather take a more fun (and slightly sarcastic) look at some of the less obvious awards for the season.

The I AM HULK, HEAR ME ROAR!! award: Carlos Gomez, CF

In a game in May, after his second strike-out, Gomez looked like he snapped his bat over his right knee in anger. It turns out that he had cracked it badly during a foul and then just ended it after the at-bat.

The Best Uniform award: The Home Navy Unis!

There is one pitcher that should never, ever use the navy uniforms: Livan Hernandez. All the other starters look great and seem to gain a strange sort of confidence from the home navy uniforms. I don’t know why this is, but it works. Maybe it is the fact that they know that if there should happen to be a sudden cloudburst in the Dome, they wouldn’t have to worry about their uniforms becoming see-through. For more coverage of this story, see here and here.

The Worst Uniform Award: The Fugly Vest/sleeveless/pixie Uniform

Okay, I admit this one was like shooting fish in a barrel of vaseline with a shotgun loaded with buckshot. But still, at least Livan is the only starter that still uses the vestiforms, and he might (crossing fingers) be on his way out.

The Best Twins Promotion award: Mini-Cuddyer Walker Day!

Okay, so I don’t actually live in MN and so haven’t attended any of the promotion days, but I remember the days of the Dairy Queen hat giveaway and the Lumber Liquidators Mini-Bat giveaway. However, this one just plain takes the cake.

The Best Team Spirit Award: Matt Tolbert, INF

Okay, I know the spirit award is one that is generally reserved for high-school cheerleading, but Tolbert just has such happiness and glee. I haven’t ever seen a player shag balls with a cast covering one hand before, but EVERYTHING he does he just has this goofy, happy grin on his face the whole time. I really hope the Twins have space for him when he comes off the DL.

The Creepiest Photoshopped Twins Picture award: THOSE Girls!

Okay, I am copy-and-pasting it here, and also linking to their original post. Congratulations, Katie!

I didn't know Boone Logan was a Catcher. Oh, wait. Joe!

I didn't know Boone Logan was a catcher. Oh, wait. Joe!

Disclaimer: Those Girls would also have won a major award for their “in order to make me not vomit” photoshopping of a Rangers hat onto Sidney Ponson’s ugly mug, but I thought that was too oddly descriptive.

The Most Effective Facial Hair Award: Michael Cuddyer and Joe Mauer!

At one point in the season, Joe Mauer and Michael Cuddyer made a pact to grow out their facial hair until they hit home runs. Cuddyer hit a home run the next day. Joe Mauer hit a home run the following weekend. These were the beards that could!


Halfway through the season, I want to acknowledge the bloggers I turn to for their insights, statistical knowledge, wit, and love of the game and this team every day:

Seth Stohs at SethSpeaks

Aaron Gleeman at

Andrew Kneeland of Twins Fix

Josh Johnson of Josh’s Thoughts

Joshua Taylor of Taylor’s Twins Talk

neckrolls at Sense from Center

Nick Mosvick and Nick Nelson at Nick & Nick’s Twins Blog

Other Twins blogs I check nearly every day:

THOSE Twins Girls

Twins Sisters

For Love of the Game

Curse of Big Papi

If you don’t already check these blogs daily, show them some love. They all deserve it.

Thanks, all, and here’s to a great rest of the season!


4 Responses

  1. I prefer the home white uniforms (as uniformly-ha!-chosen by Bradke and Santana. Baker seems to prefer them, too).

    I really enjoyed watching Matt Tolbert’s progress during batting practice–seeing him on the field with the cast, then taped up, and finally bandage-free. I really hope there’s a spot for him, too.

  2. How is Go-Go Gomez treating you.
    I was just reading wants him to Go-Go Away…do you share the same sentiment?

  3. Eh. I don’t honestly know at this point. I have been steadfastly been in favor of keeping him at leadoff all year, but he has shown that he really can’t handle it right now. I don’t share the extremity of Andrew K in wanting him to go all the way to Rochester… But I wouldn’t mind switching him to 8 or 9 in the lineup for a few days to see what happens.

  4. […] to issue an apology to Those Girls – it appears the picture that I hijacked from their site last year of Joe Mauer with a Photoshop-enhanced beard has become quite popular – on my site, not theirs. Witness […]

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