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New On My “List” (1st Ed.) + Game Notes

  1. The joker at MLB.tv that decided that I could somehow pick up the Twins game from here in DC, despite the fact that all the cool kids out here were watching the Phillies get DESTROYED by Arizona. I couldn’t adjust my aerials (does anyone still use these? anyone?) sufficiently to pick up the game I wanted to watch. So I had to listen to the radio version (does anyone still listen to games on the radio? anyone? by choice?) and imagine Carlos Gomez not getting on base.
  2. Me. For not thinking of criticizing Gomez prior to yesterday. If I had, maybe his slump might have lasted only 10 or 11 at-bats instead of, oh, 21. Which was instantly followed by an 0-for-1. Anyone care to predict the next streak? I, of course, write this with much love, in the hope that continued tough love will bring back the bunting, energetic, unpredictable, and slightly psychotic Loose Cannon 1 that we all miss.
  3. The Tigers announcers. Yes, I am still angry at them for pronouncing “Guerrier” as “Geh-rear.” In all honestly, Fox might have saved me a nervous breakdown from hearing them butcher that name. Not having to hear them mis-pronounce “Neshek” is the one upside to the injury I have found so far. HOWEVER, at least they don’t pronounce “Morneau” like “Mor-ney-oh.”
  4. Josh Hamilton. It is not okay to be both getting more RBIs than Morneau and fail to hit the homer you needed to tie the Pale Hoses last night. Don’t make me add Ian Kinsler and Milton Bradley, who both did okay, but could have done better.
  5. Denise Richards. Because she irritates me, and she somehow expected her teenage nephew NOT to see her naked after she posed for Playboy.

Game Notes

Wow. I really thought that the ‘Pen was about to blow the lead this game. I can’t fault Gardy for his management of the bullpen tonight. I would have liked to hear (remember, I didn’t see any of this) Baker go a little further, but then I realized he threw 102 pitches.

Still, though, couldn’t Crain have been relied upon to pitch to more than one batter? I am impressed that he has pitched in three straight games, but still… Crain is a big boy. More than 1/3 of an inning? Pretty please? The fact that he didn’t do so hot yesterday means nothing.

I was VERY happy to see Guerrier get a day off today. However, his absence led to some craziness that I did not approve of, which consisted of…

Bringing in Brian Bass with a 1-run lead against Marcus Thames, who, with 17 home runs, would have had no problem knocking a pitch (from a pitcher who has given up a home run every 5 2/3 innings (or so)) over the fence. Luckily, Bass got the out.

Joe Nathan. When you come in, I have a falling feeling int he pit of my stomach. But you have been all good and stuff recently, so I approve.

Tomorrow’s Game – Lineup:

Remember last time Gomez and Casilla faced Verlander, and he took it sort of personally that they bunted against him (4 times)? With that in mind, I propose the following lineup:

  1. Gomez
  2. Casilla
  3. Span
  4. Punto
  5. Mauer
  6. Morneau
  7. Kubel
  8. Young
  9. Buscher

Can we please bunt with the first five batters that Verlander sees and then we can all sit back and watch for his temper to blow? Pretty sure one of our guys will get thrown at, but I love a meltdown. Especially one that the pitcher shouldn’t be having.


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