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Changing the Lineup

Alright. I have to eat some serious crow here.

On various blogs for the last few months, I have argued continuously to keep the lineup as it is. Leave Gomez in the lead-off role, just leave it be.

Too bad I was wrong.

So, I’ll go through the lineup and figure out what I figure is best.


Gomez has shown that, while he is a LOT of fun to watch at the top of the lineup (when he does the whole hitting the ball thing, which he hasn’t in 14 at-bats), he really hasn’t earned the right to be there anymore. Yesterday, Howard Sinker wrote a post detailing the reasons Span is better to bat lead-off instead of Gomez. I will simply concur and move beyond this post. I will make the caveat that if Gomez can get his poop in a group and turn it around, I want him leading off again. So, Span gets the nod at lead-off.


I am actually fairly torn on this spot. I feel like Joe Mauer is a natural for the 2 spot. He gets on base a lot, he can spray all over the diamond, and he can leg out an infield single almost as good as other people. But Joe didn’t feel comfortable batting second when it was tried at the beginning of the season, and he and Justin have this weird sort of synergy that is almost baffling.

So scratch Mauer, though i WANT to see him there. Casilla is clearly the next best option. he is hitting at a very good rate, can drop down a sacrifice bunt better than anyone on the team but Mauer (and maybe Punto). He also has a very discerning eye at the plate and can really rock that spot.


Mauer. No real discussion here.


If it weren’t for the weird M and M synergy, I would like to see a righty batting here, especially with Young doing better as of late. However, I’ll leave Morneau there for the time being.


This one really depends on the pitcher. If it is a right-handed starter, I would like to see Kubel batting here. Otherwise, the hot right-handed bat – Delmon Young right now.

6- spot

Designated hitter if Kubes isn’t batting earlier. If he is, then the next best hitting righty should bat here.


Third Base, whether that is Harris or Buscher.


Right now, I want to see Gomez batting eighth. He doesn’t have a great OBP, but when he does get on base, he can really fly and is fun to watch. Therefore, I want someone behind him (before leadoff) to hit him in/advance him a base. Which brings me to:


Punto/Harris (when at shortstop, if he ever is again).

Final Lineup looks like this:





Kubel against Right-handed pitchers, Young against Lefties

Monroe/Kubel or Young






2 Responses

  1. I like the lineup with the lone exception of Redmond staying in the 3rd spot when he plays. If he’s truly a 3rd hitter, he should be in the lineup every day somewhere. he should hit in the 6-7-8 range with arguably everyone else moving up.

    Justin Morneau is proving he is a really good all-around hitter, so he could take the #3 spot for a day. I would even consider moving Delmon Young up to the 3-spot when Mauer isn’t playing to see what kind of pitches he might see.

  2. Hmmm… I think that was an oversight. I think it would be interesting to put Delmon 3rd and see how he reacts when Mauer is sitting for a day.

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