…and THAT is how to manage a bullpen. (Game Notes)

*I went happily along with everyone else the other day when we all were bashing Gardenhire for giving Bass a shot in a tie game in the bottom of the eighth. Brian Bass throws slightly better than my dog, Milan, but she edges him out in the end, since she has the ability to catch a ball in her mouth and look adorable at the same time (although, to be fair, if Bass wants to try, I would be happy to watch).

But to me, Gardy did a great job of managing the pen tonight. It actually seemed like it might be a really sticky situation, since Slowey couldn’t get through the fourth, and most of the relievers worked yesterday. Gardy brought in the reliever I actually trust the most right now to save him (Breslow), and then was able to march the bullpen through a perfect, well, rest of the game.

*Matty, you are forgiven. Please continue being a good reliever, though maybe not as a setup man.

*Mr. Slowey, I take full responsibility for your meltdown. I was listening to the game at work and heard you get Guillen and Raburn, and figured that it was safe to go attend the meeting I was late for. My jaw hit my shoes when I saw the score when I got back. I owe you a drink… but you owe a drink to those bullpen fellows. You get paid more than me, so you can afford it.

*Who is this Breslow character, and why did I ever doubt him? He made it a bit interesting, but that was nothing compared to…

*Joe Nathan. For an extremely well-paid and talented closer, he will make my hair go gray really early. I swear, this afternoon, listening on the radio, I lost about a day off my life because he suddenly forgot how to throw strikes. He remembered in the end, and got out of his jam, but I would posit this (and Breslow’s outing on Wednesday) as a cautionary tale next time Gardy wants to give players a “rest.”

*Justin. Need I say more? It appears Mauer might have some competition for the batting title. The current AL top three: (BA/OBP/SLG)

  • Kinsler: .333/.393/.544
  • Mauer: .328/.420/.455
  • Morneau: .324/.387/.515

*Span continues to impress. A. Whole. Effing. Lot.

*The lineup needs some changes. More later.

*Note to the Tigers TV announcers: Guerrier’s name is not pronounced with “rear” at the end. It is hard enough to listen to them without them pronouncing names wrong. Last year, they also pronounced Neshek’s name “Neh-sheek.” That caused me pain.

Tonight’s Link Dumpage:

Seth wants Liriano back in the Majors. I concur, but his reasoning is much better than mine, which pretty much revolves around the fact that we don’t have any good nicknames in the starting rotation anymore. There is more there, but I must be entertained.

Andrew Kneeland asks: Is Livan Hernandez who we thought he is? Apparently, hopes, wishes, and a Bugs Bunny Curve might not an ace make.

Poor Matt Joyce. People no likey him anymore.

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